CREMONINI and the Sebeto Group sing an agreement for the development of “ROSSOSAPORE”



Chef Express will have an exclusive on the Italian pizza brand in stations, airports and motorway service areas.

Sapore S.r.l. (Vesevo-Group Sebeto) and Chef Express S.p.a. (Cremonini Group) have concluded an exclusive licensing agreement for the development of the ROSSOSAPORE format in relation to Chef Express' concession catering businesses (railway stations, motorway areas, ports and airports).

ROSSOSAPORE offers Neapolitan specialities, the true strong point being the legendary ‘Sorrento metre pizza‘, cooked on a traditional surface in 18 variants and served in slices.

Launched in 2005, ROSSOSAPORE guarantees all the quality of the SEBETO Group, which is known throughout the world for its ROSSOPOMODORO insignia, a leader in served catering. Created as an alternative to satisfy those who do not have the time to ‘sit down at the table' for lunch or dinner, but do want to forsake the pleasure of the good traditional country pizza, ROSSOSAPORE wishes to evoke, with an image of the San Marzano tomato, the quality of the raw materials selected and home cooking of country production.

The partnership was born with the main objective of giving a quality response to the requirements of those who appreciate a pizza, by linking on the one hand the experience of one of the major Italian operators of concession catering and on the other hand the history of an operator that has launched a successful format in connection with the Neapolitan pizza.

ROSSOSAPORE recorded notable growth last year and presently has 30 locations in Italy. The agreement with Chef Express will give further momentum to the development of the chain, with fifteen openings by next year. The first are anticipated in the Arno (Reggello) service area on the express way A1 and in the Rome Termini and Florence S. Maria Novella stations.

The peculiarity of the new openings will be the insertion of ROSSOSAPORE within the Chef Express food court, a diversified multi-brand and multi-product offer model that the company is implementing in its various concession areas.

"Chef Express has a major presence within the concession areas" - stated Vincenzo Cremonini, Chief Executive Officer of Cremonini Spa - "and works with different ownership formats, such as the "Mokà" bars, "Roadhouse Grill" steakhouses, the Italian bakery offer of "Mr. Panino", "SapoRe" food courts and other universally known brands in catering under licence, such as "McDonald's". The agreement with ROSSOSAPORE is in the framework of the latter cases in point, and permits us to exclusively develop that which we consider to be the best concept today to express the excellent quality of the true Neapolitan pizza".

"The agreement with the Cremonini Group"- explained Franco Manna, Chairman of Sebeto Spa - "represents an opportunity to take quality, which has always distinguished the Sebeto Group's brands, to within the concessions world (stations, airports, motorways). With this agreement we will have a preferential path to be able to achieve excellent results in the short-term in terms of visibility and spreading the "ROSSOSAPORE" brand in an extremely interesting world for image and target".

ROSSOSAPORE was created and developed to appeal to customers wishing to experience the entire process of the preparation of the products. This is all on view, the exposure of the food is illuminated for the purpose of enhancing the colours and evoking tastes. The products are shown so as to permit their immediate choosing and eating, without waiting even a minute to be served. The point of excellence is the twin-mouthed oven with the cooking surface strictly in Sorrento cotto, which is the company's exclusive patent. In the new installations that will be built by Chef Express, other than the classic take-away counter, areas with tables and seats will also be available.

ROSSOSAPORE is a Sebeto Group insignia; the company also has the ROSSOPOMODORO, Anema e Cozze, HAM holy burger, ROSSOCAFFE', and Pizza Contorni e Maccheron brands. ROSSOSAPORE's success lever, in addition to the products offered, is also its franchising business model with an agreement that includes staff training.

CHEF EXPRESS Spa is the company that manages all the Cremonini Group's catering businesses. In the concession catering sector in Italy Chef Express is the leader of the station buffets market with a presence in 43 railway stations, it is active in motorway catering with 36 service areas and present in seven airports with 40 sales outlets.

Castelvetro di Modena, Naples, 30 November 2011

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