MONTANA ALIMENTARI: the "Premio Montana - Montana Prize for Food Research" awarded.

The recognition, of an overall value of 150,000 euro, was awarded ex aequo to a research group of the Naples "Federico II" University and to a Bologna University researcher.

Special mentions, of the value of 10,000 Euro each, were awarded to two research groups, respectively of the Pavia and Naples "Federico II" Universities.

The "Montana Prize for Food Research" (this year in the fourth edition) was instituted in 2006 by Montana Alimentari with the objectives of supporting young Italian researchers, encouraging scientific research on food and going beyond the current confines of knowledge in this field.

The recognition of this edition, totalling 150,000 Euro, was divided into two thematic macro-areas: Foods Science (technology, safety and food quality) and Nourishment Science (health, diet and human nutrition).

The jury assigned the same score to the two researches that were the best of each of the two thematics areas, awarding 75,000 euro to each research.

The prize for the nutrition Science Area was awarded to Paola Piombino and Danilo Ercolini, of the Naples "Federico II" University for the "Obesity and sensorial perception research: The role of the composition of saliva and identification of food capable of satisfaction".

The prize for the food Science Area went to the researcher Ester Grilli of the Bologna University DIMORFIPA, who completed a research entitled "Slow release intestinal molecules for the control of food-borne pathogens in the meat and milk chain".

The winning research was chosen by an independent scientific jury, chaired by Prof. Carlo Cannella, Food Science Professor of the "La Sapienza" University of Rome and President of INRAN (National Food and Nutrition Research Institute), which had selected over 150 researches originating from universities and centres of excellence throughout Italy. The other jury members are Prof. Paolo Aureli (Research executive of the Superior Health Institute), Prof. Giulio Testolin (Nutritionist of the Milan Università degli Studi), Prof. Stefano Cinotti (General Manager of the Lombardy and Emilia Romagna Experimental Animal Disease Control and Prevention Institute), Prof. Fulvio Marzatico, professor of the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences of the Pavia Università degli Studi, Mr. Loris Zaghini (Manager of the Hygiene of Food of Animal Origin of the Mantua ASL , and Mr. Paolo Berselli (Chairman of Salumi d'Emilia s.r.l. and Operations Manager of Montana Alimentari S.p.A).

Participating at the prize-giving ceremony were Cav. Luigi Cremonini, Chairman of the Cremonini Group, and Mr. Giorgio Pedrazzi, Chairman of Montana Alimentari.

The criteria used for the determination of the winners were the originality of the research and its innovative character, applicability of the result of the research, the quality of the scientific methodology adopted and closeness of the research to the concrete requirements of the consumer.

The jury also attributed two special extraordinary mention, for the value of 10,000 Euro, to two other research groups: Adria Innocenza Buongiorno, Manuela Verri and Daniela Buonocore of the Pavia University for the research "New strategies to prevent and combat sarcopenia: importance of correct nutrition", for the Nutritional Science Area ; and Concetta Valeria Giosafatto, Lucia Sorrentino, Angela Rossi, Giovanna Marquez and Marilena Esposito, of the "Federico II" Naples University, for the research "The transglutaminase enzyme as a bio-technological instrument for the preparation of edible films to be utilised in active packaging" for the Food Science Area.

"We are particularly satisfied - said Giorgio Pedrazzi, CEO of Montana Alimentari - with the excellent level of the researches received for this edition of the Prize. I would like to thank the many researchers who participated in the first editions, totalling over 270, ranging from 20 in the first edition to 150 this year. We trust that the Montana Prize will become increasingly important in the next few years and be a concrete help to food research in Italy".

As usual, this edition of the Prize was again accompanied by a great Master of contemporary art: the winners were given a painting by Marco Loyola, one of the most interesting Italian artists of the moment.

The announcement for the fifth fourth edition of the Montana Prize will be available on the site from July.

Montana Alimentari S.p.A., a company controlled by the Cremonini Group and the Brazilian Group JBS, is amongst the leaders in the sector of production, marketing and distribution of cured meats, snacks, ready-to-eat gastronomy and canned meat, with over 230 products. The production structure comprises 5 factories, specialised by type of production, with particular attention to the areas of DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) and IGP (Protected Geographical Identity) products in the factories of Busseto (DOP pork loin salami, IGP Parma pork neck salami, IGP Felino salami, IGP polony) and Sondrio (IGP bresaola). Cooked hams are produced in the Paliano (Frosinone) factory, while in Gazoldo degli Ippoliti (Mantua), the company's logistical platform, the production takes place of sliced meats together with bread rolls and sandwiches. Finally, the historic Montana canned meat is produced in Rieti.

Rome, 23 June 2010

Luca Macario
Cremonini Group Press Office Tel. 059 754630