REVENUES OF 1.456 BILLION EURO and 50,000 clients served every day

Leadership in Italy

The Cremonini Group through MARR is market leader in Italy in the commercialisation and distribution of food products to the extra-domestic catering market (foodservice).

MARR serves more than 50,000 clients of commercial and collective catering every year, with an  assortment  of 20,000 food products and organization of 850 sale agents, a logistic-distribution network that covers the entire country with 40 Distribution Centres and over 800 vehicles.

The Distribution Structure

MARR is present throughout the Italy and today represents a point of reference for the operators in catering, offering the service of single supplier on a national scale for their purchases.

The distribution network is constituted by 40 distribution centres, 8 cash & carry, 4 processing plants, makes use of a commercial structure with over 850 sales personnel and a fleet of more than 800 vehicles.


The Clients

The over 50,000 clients served by MARR every year, are constituted by restaurants, hotels and hotel chains, tourist villages, pizzerias, company canteens, colonies, kindergartens, schools, private clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and public institutions.

The MARR client portfolio is divided into 3 segments: 67.7% is made up of the “Street Market”: non structured operators in commercial catering (restaurants, taverns, pizzerias, hotels and in general structures that are do not belong to groups or chains) and clients from the bar category and fast food outlet; 17.8% comes from the segment “National Account”: operators of structured commercial catering (restaurants, hotels and in general structures belonging to groups or chains) and  from collective catering (company canteens, schools, hospitals); while the last 14.5% comes from the “Wholesalers”: wholesalers of alimentary goods. 


Delivery in 24 hours from the order

MARR commercialises 20,000 alimentary articles (various alimentary products, fish, meat, fruit and vegetables etc.) and 8,000 instrumental articles (equipment, dishes, detergents, hygiene products, tableware etc).

MARR has made efficiency of service its point of strength, being able to guarantee delivery in all Italy even within 24 hours from the order, thanks to a logistics system managed by a computer program planned and patented directly by the company.

All MARR’s vehicles feature “controlled temperature” shelves in order to guarantee the ongoing maintenance of the “cold chain” and the possibility of delivering in one journey products of different types and different temperatures.

On the Stock Exchange since 2005

Since June 2005, MARR is listed on the Star segment of the Italian Stock Exchange and is controlled by Cremonini S.p.A. with a quota of 50.4%. Among the other shareholders are included numerous Italian and foreign funds.


The direct and indirect employees of the distribution sector of the MARR Group in Italy are about 3,500.